Karl Rove On Christine O'Donnell: 'She Handled The Witchcraft Issue Great' (VIDEO)


GOP activist Karl Rove continued his apology tour to Christine O'Donnell on Tuesday, apparently attempting to make amends for his initial skepticism last week by commending the non-establishment Delaware Senate Candidate's recent handling of her highly publicized 1990s statement about dabbling in witchcraft.

"She handled the witchcraft issue great -- she made it a joke, she said I was young and foolish and made a couple of jokes about it," Rove told Fox News's Sean Hannity, before crediting O'Donnell for the way she had dealt with some other personal issues including tax liens, the foreclosure of her house, an FEC suit and the handling of her staff.

Despite Rove's praise, however, he did address the current reality of the ground situation in Delaware.

"She's still 16 points behind in the Fox Poll and 15 behind in the CNN poll, but I thought it was a very good sign of what she said last night, because look, she's right, she's right on the issues, Coons is wrong on the issues," Rove said.

After O'Donnell's shocking primary victory over Rep. Mike Castle last week, Rove spoke with Hannity about the un-electability and "nutty"-ness of the one-time Christian right crusader turned Tea Party-backed Senate candidate.

Over the last week, however, Rove has markedly changed his tune. He took to Fox News last Thursday to walk back his earlier criticism of O'Donnell, and though he said on the same network Sunday that she would be expected to explain the whole "witch" fiasco, he now seems to think that her subsequent handling of the matter has tidied up the controversy.

Watch Karl Rove's comments on Christine O'Donnell, comments begin around 5 minute mark:

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