Karl Rove On "O'Reilly" (VIDEO): Bush Was A Green Leader

Karl Rove On "O'Reilly" (VIDEO): Bush Was A Green Leader

Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal columnist and former adviser to George W. Bush, appeared on The O'Reilly Factor to discuss the Copenhagen climate conference. Things quickly wound off course, however, when O'Reilly pointed out that Rove and President Bush didn't have much interest in global warming. This seems to offend Rove, who responds by painting Bush as an admirable green leader, but including a caveat that this was all just in case global warming was real:

"Bill, don't show your ignorance so quickly and easily by saying things like that. Look, here's the dirty little secret. Under Bush, under Bush for seven years, Bush pursued a policy of using technology and technological advancements and their sharing around the world in order to advance an environmentally sensitive program aimed at an insurance policy, if global warming is real. [our emphasis] And as a result, in 2006 for example, there was only one major industrialized economy in the world that grew its economy that year and reduced the absolute amount of greenhouse gases, and that was the United States of America."

"Look, I didn't know most of this, so you're telling me that you and W were green guys, and...," O'Reilly trailed off, as Rove spouted off more obscure green accomplishments of the Bush years. He seemed to be both praising the idea of green leadership and scorning the idea of the Copenhagen climate talks.

"Ok, got it," O'Reilly interjects numerous times, as he tries to shut Rove up.

WATCH Rove rave about Bush's green leadership on The O'Reilly Factor:

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