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Karl Rove: Palin's aptitude is a questionmark

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At a dinner in Toronto this week, Karl Rove, gave a glimpse into McCain recklessness.
A Canadian businessman asked him if he thought Sarah Palin would make a good President.
"I don't know," said Rove.

If Rove doesn't know, we should all be worried. Rove is not running the McCain show, but is inside enough to know, so how can he not know? How about others in the party, do they not know too? Shouldn't they know before they work for her? Does John McCain know?

Sarah Palin's candidacy has been a cynical joke from the get-go by McCain. But so has McCain's.

He has glaring character flaws. For starters, he has crashed many planes while a navy pilot and only remained one because his father ran the navy. He is impulsive and overly dramatic. His decision to stay his campaign, and duck the debates, is because he and his sidekick are in polling free-fall with parachutes.

His latest move -- to save the American economy by jumping on a plane to Washington -- is vintage McCain. He is an edgy, trigger-happy jet jockey without intellectual credentials who does as much homework as George W. Bush did when he committed the country to his stupid $1 trillion Iraq war.

He is erratic and downright dangerous. He is not intellectually or emotionally capable of handling it.

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