Karl Rove Reacts To Obama Win: "A Great Symbol Of What America's All About," Obama Still Has "Big Hurdle To Climb"


Karl Rove reacted to Barack Obama's win Tuesday night on Fox News, saying "every American ought to celebrate tonight."

"It is a hopeful and optimistic thing for our country, and for the world it's a great symbol of what America's all about," Rove said, urging all Americans to hope and pray for Obama's success.

Rove's comments did center on race, and the post-racial America Obama inherits as President. He also claimed that "we've had an African American first family for many years," citing the Cosby Show as one example.

"He is young, he is aspirational, and Americans have invested a lot in him, but they still have doubts," Rove said. "He's got a big hurdle to climb."


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