Karl Rove Returns To Fox News For The First Time Since Reports He Was Benched

Karl Rove turned up on the Fox News airwaves on Monday for the first time since his widely reported benching from the network.

Rove appeared on "Special Report" to talk about the fiscal cliff with host Bret Baier and fellow pundit/strategist Joe Trippi. Not surprisingly, nobody mentioned the fact that, less than a week before, a Fox News spokesperson had confirmed to New York magazine that producers had to seek special permission to put Rove on the air in the wake of his infamous Election Night disputing of President Obama's victory in Ohio. (Colleague Dick Morris has also been put on a leash.)

"Gentlemen, welcome back," Baier said to Rove and Trippi.

Politico said that it had been 27 days since Rove's last appearance on Fox News -- a far cry from his very frequent bookings during the campaign season.



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