Karl Rove's 19 Justifications For The GOP's 2012 Election Loss (VIDEO)

Republican strategist Karl Rove has a lot to answer for.

After spending over $300 million to get GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney elected, and after an embarrassing moment of denial over the election results on live TV Tuesday night in front of millions of viewers, Rove took to the airwaves Wednesday and Thursday to answer the obvious question: What went wrong?

During several TV appearances on Fox News and Fox Business Network, and in a defiant op-ed the Wall Street Journal published Wednesday, Rove ticked off nearly two dozen reasons why the Republicans lost the election, from the GOP's "problem with Latinos" to Hurricane Sandy, which Rove said "interrupted Mr. Romney's momentum."*

Click the video above to watch Rove's many explanations for Romney's loss Tuesday night.

*Two of Rove's factors accounting for Obama's win were outlined in his WSJ op-ed, not in any of his TV appearances, which is why they are not included in the video above. Those factors are 1) the New York Times editor who gave the headline "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" to Romney's 2008 op-ed, and 2) the release of the videotape from Romney's private fundraiser which showed the Republican nominee saying that 47 percent of Americans were dependent on the government.



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