Karl Rove's Email

Various reports, such as this one in the Washington Post, are reporting that Whoops!, several years of Karl Rove's emails have been deleted. What has disappeared?

My own interest in Karl Rove was greatly stimulated in 2002, when I was told by trade officials that Rove's office had become directly and intensely involved in negotiations over WTO rules on patents and access to medicines. Apparently Rove as meeting directly with CEOs from Pfizer and other big drug companies, and his staff was micro-managing negotiations on the implementation of sensitive aspects of a 2001 promise to relax trade restrictions involving exports of generic medicines manufactured under a compulsory license. This is an issue quite important to billions of poor people. Rove was allegedly simultaneously involved in discussions with big drug companies to spend millions of dollars in negative campaigns against democrats in close races.

I'm sure there are lots of stories like this. My guess is that Karl Rove's email records, if they are ever found, would shed a lot of light on how government policies have been tailored to the needs of big money interests.