Teen Karla Farmer Steals Penis Cream And Throat-Desensitizing Spray From Mall: Cops

These Are Some Things You Don't Want To Get Caught Stealing

For someone who's no hardened criminal, these charges can be tough to swallow.

Security at a South Carolina mall said they caught Karla Farmer, 18, walking off with an assortment of novelty sex products from Spencer's earlier this month.

Her naughty haul included "Rock Hard erection cream, handcuffs, and Deep Throat desensitizing spray," according to the Smoking Gun.

Mall security said they also found a couple pairs of underwear that the Spartanburg teen allegedly pinched from Victoria's Secret. They detained the teen until actual police arrived.

Farmer was charged with misdemeanor shoplifting. Under South Carolina law, if convicted she could face a fine of up to $5,000 or up to three years in prison -- and that's just if it's her first offense. If she's a repeat shoplifter, she could face a felony charge and considerably worse punishment.

A web search of the items Farmer allegedly pilfered from Spencer's suggests a total retail value of about $30 to $35.

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