Karlie Kloss' Haircut: The Next 'Rachel'? (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Aniston's famous coif has some competition.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has come and gone and we still can't stop talking about one thing: Karlie Kloss' hair. The model, walking for only her second time in the lingerie extravaganza, boldly chopped her hair into a quirky bob right before the show, apparently because Vogue asked her to. (Anything for Anna...)

When we first saw the hair backstage, we were ambivalent. Was she channeling Alexa Chung? Jane Fonda in "Klute"? Nope, Karlie told Into The Gloss -- it's allllll her:

“It’s…it’s…‘the Karlie.’ It’s the Karlie! [Laughs] I want women to someday go in to the hair salon and say, ‘I want the Karlie.’”

Whoa. Like The Rachel? Bold words, Karlie. We're not sure if the stringy bob-with-bangs merits its own name. Even Victoria's Secret Show makeup artist Tom Pecheux commented to Karlie, "If you were stupid, it would not look good," which is a strange compliment if we ever heard one.

See Karlie's new hair -- and the amazing extensions she wore to walk last night's show -- below. Is this the haircut we'll all be requesting from our stylists in the future?


karlie kloss haircut

karlie kloss haircut

karlie kloss haircut

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