Murdoch Scandal. How obscenely pleasurable it is to type (and read) those two words back to back. Not since Watergate has a man so satisfyingly been shoved face to face with his self-created destiny. And who, finally, brought down this journalistic thug? One Milly Dowler, a murdered teenage girl just like all the countless other ones he built his craven career exploiting. What did Rupert know and when did he know it is an irrelevant question here, just as it was, on a certain level, with Richard Nixon. The tone is set from the top.

The Murdoch ethos has never understood that there really are some boundaries you can't cross. Throw in the failure of the sycophantic media to seriously call him on any of his previous egregiousness -- and to accord him an unearned respectability, rather than the pariahdom that his affronts to decency so clearly deserved -- and it was inevitable that he would eventually go too far and repulse the masses beyond the point of redemption.

Even in this era of vanishing standards, there are still some things that are just not done by people with any pretense of propriety. Hacking into a murdered girl's voicemail -- and, in the process, giving her parents false hope that she was still alive -- turns out to be one of them. Who could have known?

So don't fret about distractions like whether or not Murdoch retains his title or position at News Corp. Here's all that matters: this amoral grotesquerie is going to be in the lead of his obituary. Disgrace is his true legacy. This is karmic retribution on a cosmic scale. As such, I suggest that the official media title for this long overdue - but all the more rewarding for its delay -- blast of schadenfreudal bliss be known from this day forward as: KARMAGEDDON!

If there's a better name for the Murdoch Scandal, by all means please post it below.