'For Brown Girls' Founder Karyn Washington's Death Strikes Major Chord In Black Community

Blogger's Death Highlights Need To 'Redefine What Strong Is' In Black Community

The news of "For Brown Girls" founder Karyn Washington's death struck a major chord among African-Americans, as the black community continues to grapple with the challenges of discussing and treating mental illness.

Having reportedly died by suicide, Washington's story is the latest in a string of incidents that have affected a number of well-known members of the community including Yusuf Neville and Erica Kennedy.

Huff Post Live hosted a conversation about mental health in the African-American community and discussed the common assumption that black women have to be strong, ultimately affecting their willingness to ask for help. But mental health activist Terrie Williams said it's time for the community to redefine what "strong" means to help save lives.

"First of all I wanna say I think we have to redefine what strong is," Williams said. "Because being strong means to let the tears flow, it means to share your story because you will immeasurably transform somebody else's life by doing so."

Watch a portion of the conversation in the clip above.

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