Karzai Expresses Anger At U.S. Government In Emotional Interview

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai expressed anger at the U.S. government in an emotional interview published Sunday night in The Washington Post.

"To the American people, give them my best wishes and my gratitude. To the U.S. government, give them my anger, my extreme anger," said Karzai, concluding the interview.

The war in Afghanistan has lasted for over 12 years.

"Afghans died in a war that’s not ours," Karzai said. According to WaPo, he teared up describing his visit with a 4-year-old in the hospital whose face was brutally disfigured in an American airstrike.

When asked whether the war has been worth the costs, Karzai told the paper:

“I am of two hearts here. When I see good, I am in approval. When I see the losses of Afghan people, our children, maimed and killed, I’m in disapproval,” he said, speaking in English. “Maybe I can give you an answer of yes or no two, three or five years from now, when my emotions have subsided. Right now, I’m full of emotions.’’

Karzai has long expressed anger over civilian casualties caused by American attacks, and he has delayed signing a security agreement that would allow some U.S. forces to remain in Afghanistan after 2014. President Obama ordered the Pentagon to prepare for a full troop withdrawal at the end of 2014 should an agreement remain unsigned.

Karzai indicated that the U.S. may have to wait for a signature from the next Afghan president, who will be chosen in April elections. "It's good for them to sign it with my successor," said Karzai.

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