John Kasich Trolls Trump By Announcing Trump-Putin Ticket

Trump and Putin publicly exchanged compliments this week.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich trolled Republican presidential rival Donald Trump on Saturday after the real estate mogul publicly traded compliments with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kasich's campaign sent out a mock press release announcing that Trump had named Putin his running mate.

In the fake statement, Kasich's campaign noted that Trump "picked Putin to be his vice president for his strong approach to dealing with dissent, flexible approach to democracy, rule of law and the Constitution, and his willingness to regularly violate other countries' territorial integrity in blatant violation of international law if it suited his aims."

Kasich's campaign also created a website for the fake ticket, inviting people to submit their contact information. At the bottom of the page, a disclaimer notes "by signing up you are waiving all constitutional rights, civil liberties, notion of privacy and subjecting yourself to a steady stream of hugely outrageous comments."

Earlier this week, Putin called Trump "very talented," and Trump responded by saying it was a "great honor" to be praised by the Russian president. Trump later seemed to be undisturbed by the accusation that Putin kills journalists who disagree with him.

Other Republicans, including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, have rebuked Trump for praising Putin.

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