Kat Cole, Cinnabon CEO, On Her Journey From Waitress To The C-Suite By 32

We know that there are many successful women who started their careers as assistants -- what about those who started off as waitresses?

Kat Cole, CEO of Cinnabon, is one of those women. Cole spoke with Mike Sacks on HuffPost Live about her career trajectory and how her early jobs in food service helped her work her way up to becoming a CEO at 32.

"I worked my buns off," Cole said, citing a combination of incredibly hard work and good luck for getting her to where she is.

According to Forbes, Cole worked part-time as a Hooters waitress during her high school years in Jacksonville, Florida. After graduation, she gave up college to pursue executive opportunities in the food industry. The rest is history.

Watch the clip above to hear more of Cole's story, and click over to HuffPost Live for the full segment.



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