Kat Cooper, LGBT Advocate, Receives Threatening Letter

Earlier this year, we brought you the heartbreaking story of police detective Kat Cooper, whose family was asked to leave their Tennessee church after 60 years because Cooper fought to pass legislation that provided benefits to same-sex couples in the town where she worked.

And, sadly, it doesn't seem like things are getting better for Cooper.

According to Cooper's Facebook page, the police detective, who married her wife Krista in Maryland earlier this year, is continuing to fight tirelessly for the rights of lesbian and gay couples through the TEP Hamilton & Bradley Counties Committee. However, because of her dedication, she is reportedly receiving shocking letters such as this one in the mail:

"I think the individual who wrote the letter is pitiful, and it is very sad for countless reasons," Cooper posted on her Facebook. "It's not even necessary for me to state more. Nonetheless, it is a clear depiction of how hate and ignorance fuels violence and discrimination. Something we all need to be highly aware of at this time."

Keep your chin up Kat -- we're proud of and grateful for the work you're doing!



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