Kat Dahlia's My Garden Review


She blew us away with the her 2013 single "Gangsta" and landed on the Latin Airplay chart with "Crazy." Now two years after signing with music label Vested in Culture and Epic records, Kat Dahlia has released her highly anticipated debut album My Garden.

After three release date changes, a 2013 DUI arrest, and a 2014 musical hiatus (due to a cyst on her vocal cord), the Miami native has plenty to sing about. And while many will attribute the abusive relationship she was in after moving to New York City as the inspiration behind her debut album, her music is much more than just some battle wounds.

It's sort of all over the place -- and it's not such a bad thing. Drawing from her Cuban roots in "Tumbao", a spin on Celia Cruz's "La Negra Tiene Tumbao," and providing a dance worthy hip-pop anthem with "Clocks," a song inspired by New Year's Day, Dahlia is a multi-layered artist that can make it in the pop charts with her song "I Think I'm In Love" and score an adult contemporary hit with the song "Lava."

Each song is like an audio recording from a church confessional, expressing confusion, anger, hope, and happiness. It's a musical diary, or garden, that makes you feel like your face-to-face with Dahlia, hearing her story live and in person. Maybe that's what makes her album relatable, no matter what walks of life you have been through.

Listen to Kat Dalhia's debut album by clicking here: https://play.spotify.com/user/katdahlia/playlist/4fZe2ILKKdZWWVod7PVSch