Kate Beckinsale Adorably Learns Her Daughter Isn't Doing Cocaine

The "Underworld" star offered an amusing glimpse into her family life with a blow-by-blow text exchange.

You can exhale, Kate Beckinsale. Your kid isn’t doing blow.

On Tuesday, the 45-year-old “Underworld” star posted a funny ― and illuminating ― text exchange in which she asked 20-year-old daughter Lily point-blank: “Are you doing a lot of cocaine?!?”

Lily responded firmly in the negative while demanding an explanation for her mother’s inquiry. The actress explained that her concern came by way of a dream.

It’s a funny way to find out if your kid is on drugs, but Beckinsale got her answer.

These two have put their family life out there for the internet’s entertainment before. In 2016, Beckinsale, Lily and Lily’s pop, Michael Sheen, recreated this soon-after-birth photo ...

 and Lily’s birth.