Kate Beckinsale Shows How Incredibly Flexible She Is On 'Tonight Show'

The "Farming" star explained her bendy self to doubters and host Jimmy Fallon.

Kate Beckinsale wanted to clear something up on a post-“Sunday Night Football” episode of “The Tonight Show”: She doesn’t have a “rubber leg.”

A recent video of the “Farming” star doing wince-inducing stretches apparently prompted doubt whether her actual limbs were involved. (See the conversation and the clip above.)

“That’s like something you do to a Barbie doll,” host Jimmy Fallon observed after screening the clip.

But Beckinsale assured, “I’ve always been like that. I did ballet when I was a kid and now I can cause worry about a fake leg.”

Stick around to hear about the “Underworld” star’s claim that she looks “exactly like Ryan Reynolds ... like in a shocking way.”