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Kate Bosworth Makes Singing Debut In Cotton Ad (VIDEO, POLL)

Of all the singers who have crooned for cotton, Kate Bosworth is the first who is...not actually a singer.

The actress, known best for her fashion sense and famously different-colored eyes, is the latest star to shill for Cotton Incorporated's "The Fabric of My Life" campaign. Like Zooey Deschanel, Miranda Lambert, and Colbie Caillat before her, Bosworth twirls around, gazes off in the distance, plays with pretty inanimate objects, and dreamily pulls (cotton!) clothes from her closet while singing the famous jingle: "The touch, the feel..."

While the country cottage chic vibe works well enough, the jury is still out on Bosworth's singing debut. She's got that breathy, indie thing down pat -- is she headed for a record deal like Zooey or fellow actress Scarlett Johansson? And do these fanciful ads make you want to go out and buy cotton?