Kate Gosselin Expose: Reworked Ebook Manuscript To Be Released

Kate Gosselin might have won the first battle in her effort to halt the sale of a nasty ebook being written about her -- but she hasn't yet won the war.

In October 2012, Kate successfully halted the sale of the ebook, in which writer Robert Hoffman (a friend of Kate's ex-husband Jon) alleged that the reality TV star and mom of eight "fooled the world." Now, Robert has come back with a re-edited version of the story, he says, and he warns it's still full of bombshells.

“The book is almost finished going through the re-editing process and will be released in hardcover as well as ebook format,” Robert tells The Huffington Post. “I’m actually enjoying the fact that Kate has been staying out of the news. Perhaps it's the calm before the storm.”

The book was removed after only two days on Amazon when lawyers intervened, claiming confidential emails were being published. At the time, Robert told The Huffington Post that he was “trying to regroup … and certainly don't want to do anything illegal.”

Since then, Robert has met with his attorneys -- and he plans to move forward with a reworked manuscript, he said.

“Anyone that thinks Kate will let someone attack her and her family should think again,” a friend of Kate’s says. “This book has many problems with it and is something that she will fight no matter how many times it gets re-edited.”



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