Kate Gosselin Is Using Her Kids for Her Own Fame and Fortune

Kate insists that being on television is wonderful for her kids. It's not -- it's wonderful for her!

After watching her talk to Meredith Viera on Dec. 2, it's more obvious than ever that she's keeping her eight children in a unhealthy situation.

She clearly went on TV to contest the reports that two of her sextuplets, Colin and Alexis, had been expelled from their private school. She said that the reports were false -- though Hollywoodlife.com and other outlets have credible sources reporting. In fact, a source reiterated to Hollywoodlife.com that "Kate did not pull the kids out of school," they were expelled.

Kate said that the two were victims of the dual stress of academic challenges and post-divorce stress. And she also admitted that they were suffering from "anger issues," "behavior issues" and were "acting out."

Now, she said, they were being home schooled and that "my kids are back, they are happy and functioning."

But Kate, doesn't see that she is the problem. She is the one invading her children's privacy. She is the one on national TV discussing the most private aspects of her children's lives.

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