Kate Gosselin: It Was A BIG MISTAKE To Eliminate You On DWTS! America Will Regret It!

You voted Kate out of "Dancing with the Stars" BUT you will live to REGRET it. Just wait until next week or even this weekend, when you have nothing to anticipate. You will not be able to wonder just how wooden Kate will be on Monday's upcoming episode. Or what crazy new big-haired way she will wear her hair or how heavy her makeup or eyelashes will be.

You'll see, you'll miss worrying about how single mom Kate will take care of her eight little Gosselins -- who she now says have an "uncertain" future.

Oh, I know many of you may be rolling your eyes and saying "ugh" -- I'm sick of hearing about Kate's problems. After all, she does have two upcoming TLC shows -- "A Twist of Kate" and her "Kate Plus 8" specials, plus her new book, I Just Want You to Know. She's hardly standing in the breadlines with her twins and sextuplets.

But I challenge you to watch "Dancing with the Stars" next week with as much anticipation and interest as you have had. In fact, record numbers of you have been tuning in to DWTS this year and I believe it is the "Gosselin effect." Whether you consciously like Kate or not, she touches you emotionally.

She looks exhausted. She looks like she's 34 going on 44, thanks to the burden of raising eight little ones on her own. Deep down, you know that she is truly alone. Her ex-husband Jon is MIA most of the time. She can't count on him to have a reasonable discussion about any needs or issues that the kids have. She can't count on him to get a job and help support them -- he's shown no interest. All he's done is fight her, try to take custody away, cut his child support, and destroy her ability to earn a good income.

No, Jon's been far more interested in satisfying his libido with multiple girlfriends than satisfying his children's needs.

Also, Kate reportedly has no emotional support from her own family. Her brother Kevin Kreider and his wife Judi accused her of psychologically damaging her children by putting them on TV.

So Kate IS alone with the burden of her kids. All you parents out there, you do know what that means.

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