Kate Gosselin On 'Today': How I Explain Jon's Girlfriends To The Kids

Kate Gosselin visited the Today show Friday to plug her new show 'Kate Plus 8,' coming to TLC Sunday. She also talked about starting over after her divorce and explaining Jon's love life to their kids.

"2009 was one that I prefer to erase if I could," she said. "2010 was the marker for me that it was going to be a better year ... shambles, no more -- so far, we're in a good place."

Kate said that Jon has dropped his battle to seek custody of their children, but his behavior continues to make life difficult for their family.

"Jon's decisions remain Jon's decisions," she said when asked about Jon's new 23-year-old girlfriend, whom he has already introduced to the kids. "It's just for me to help the kids deal with it ... They ask me questions where his girlfriends are concerned, and it's just a situation that I have to deal with with them."

Is Kate ready to start dating?

"No," she said. "I don't feel like it's time. I feel my kids need so much of me that I need to be there for them. Personally, I don't feel ready to move forward."