Kate Gosselin Denies Getting Plastic Surgery, Claims She 'De-Ages' (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

We're still not convinced that that's a real thing.

Kate Gosselin, mother to eight children and a hair inspiration to all, has an important word to teach us all today.

Gosselin was chatting it up with Andy Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live" on Thursday when the topic of her face came up. You see, the 37-year-old mom is looking fresher than ever... particularly fresher than when she first welcomed her children into the world years ago. That's lead many, including Cohen, to wonder if Gosselin has gone under the knife.

But apparently Kate has not only eschewed surgery, as she wrote in a blog post last year. She told Cohen on "Watch What Happens Live":

"I am probably one of the rare few who de-age."

Wait, what now?

Kate explains that the photo Cohen pulls up on screen was right after she gave birth to her sextuplets in 2004, which was "the roughest time ever." She rationalizes, "You have to get better, right? You can't get worse than that."

Fair point. But we still dont think "de-aging" is a thing. Also, it's not like Kate has objections to plastic surgery on principle: the reality TV mom got a tummy tuck in 2006 and filmed it for the precursor to "Jon & Kate Plus 8," "Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later." So there's that.

November 2011

Kate Gosselin Facelift?

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