Kate Gosselin Talks Money After 'Kate Plus 8' Cancellation

"Kate plus 8" said goodbye to TV on Monday night but if you think famous mom, Kate Gosselin, has made enough money from her reality show fame to retire, think again.

“[Money] was the first thing that came to mind,” Gosselin tells me about her thought process when she found out her show was being cancelled. “I read what we apparently make and it's hysterical. That would be a dream come true times two million. So it's certainly way less than people think. We are not set for life. You know I need to work as soon as possible -- as in yesterday.”

But this is all new territory for Gosselin; she insists she has never been unemployed before.

“I was babysitting before I was 15. I have never not had a job other than when I was on bed rest,” Gosselin tells me. “When [the children] were 15 months I was back at work. I have always worked and I am a worker. And I love to work. I love to put my brain toward a project and creating so this is really hard.”

Although she knows that every show eventually comes to an end, Gosselin admits that she would love to have finished one more season but understands TLC's decision and insist she’s not angry for being let got.

“I like to finish things until they are done but they make their decisions for their reasons and I will move onto bigger and better things,” she reveals. “I have a lot of stuff I could be bitter about but I don’t waste time. Just to clarify, in life I have a lot of things to be angry about. I mean in general I could spend my time being angry at things that happen to me in life.”

But instead Kate is focusing on what she will do next to pay her bills -- times eight!

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