Kate Gosselin Talks About Her Last Date

Kate Gosselin visited Access Hollywood Wednesday night to plug her new book, 'I Just Want You to Know: Letters To My Kids on Love, Faith and Family.'

She told Billy Bush that there is zero chance she and Jon will ever reconcile, though she tries not to speak negatively about him because he's her kids' father. Then Billy asked her about her love life and she said she doesn't think anyone would date her:

"When is the last time you've been on a date?" Billy asked.

"Before I was married," she revealed.

"So the last date would be [with] Jon slipping away somewhere?" Billy asked.

"Yeah," Kate said. "I don't really have time. I don't believe there is someone out there who can handle my baggage that's too heavy to lift. I'm married to my kids and my career."

When asked if she would consider "friends with benefits," Kate said no way.

"No, honestly, I don't believe there is anyone out there," she said.

No more children are in her future either.

"If you meet the right guy and he's like, 'I don't have any yet?" Billy asked.

"Then that's the wrong guy," she said.