Cross Mysteriously Appears On Rabbit's Forehead

Hare is risen!

That’s one hot cross bunny.

A rabbit in Cornwall, U.K., had something happen to it that is truly hare-raising.

A few days before Christmas, Kate Hazel says a cross suddenly appeared on the forehead of her pet rabbit Fluff.

“It was just really bizarre, we went out there one day to feed her, and [my daughter] Rosa said, ‘Mum, Mum, Fluff’s turning into the Baby Jesus!’” Hazel told “And I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ And she said ‘She’s grown this cross right in the middle of her forehead.’ And I had a look and it was really pronounced.”

Hazel said the cross didn’t appear gradually but rather very quickly before the holiday.

“So we were then calling Fluff the Baby Jesus because she’d come in time for Christmas,” she told the website.

A cross pattern appeared in the fur on Fluff's forehead just days before Christmas.
A cross pattern appeared in the fur on Fluff's forehead just days before Christmas.
SWNS via Buzz60

Although Hazel jokes that the Messiah is now hopping around her garden, she doesn’t care at all whether it’s a sign from above.

“I’m not religious, but some people think they are a sign of something happening,” she said, according to a story in the Daily Star. ”But, you know, she’s just a Cornish rabbit with a cross in the middle of her forehead.

“Maybe it’s her new fur coming through, or her old fur, whichever way you look at it. So, she might shed it or it might stay there.”

Jess Wright, who runs a rabbit rescue clinic in Liskeard, U.K., told that it’s common for different patterns to develop on a rabbit’s fur depending on the season or the weather.

“Some rabbits can change color completely or some will just get a patch that changes,” Wright said.

Hazel said she’s looking forward to seeing whether the cross remains for Easter, or whether the rabbit’s fur will change again, according to

“She might grow something else,” she said. “She might have a crop circle on her bottom next week.”

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