Kate Hudson Tells Ellen DeGeneres About Mom Goldie Hawn's Unusual Birthing Gift

The "Almost Famous" star will never look at a magnolia the same way again.

The mother and daughter bond was palpable when Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson dropped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday for hilarious joint chat. 

All eyes were on a very pregnant Hudson, who joked that her “water could go any second.” Never one to miss a cue, DeGeneres prompted Hawn and Hudson to share a few delivery room anecdotes from the birth of the “Almost Famous” star’s son Bingham, now 7. 

One of Hudson’s most vivid memories involves her mom arriving at the maternity ward armed with a magnolia. “She wanted me to think of my vagina as a magnolia flower,” she quipped. “And I was like, I never want to think of my vagina that big!” 

And once Hudson was in stirrups, Hawn said she decided to step out for a snack.

“I said, ‘I’m really hungry so I’m just going to come back,’” Hawn explained. “I came back with pizza and Doritos.” 

Hudson said she and her musician boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa, have yet to decide a name for their new baby, who they recently revealed to be a daughter. As for her sons Bingham and Ryder, 14, she said they are “so excited” to welcome their baby sister. 

Elsewhere in the interview with DeGeneres, Hawn showed off a few of the colorful designs she created for Hudson’s Fabletics clothing line. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the new items will go to MindUP, a children’s mental health advocacy program that Hawn established in 2003 through her Hawn Foundation. 

One of the pieces featured a lotus pattern, prompting Hawn to ask the host, “Do you know what the meaning of a lotus is?”

“Vagina?” DeGeneres cheekily answered. 

“Actually, close,” Hawn responded. “Wisdom.”