Kate Hudson Skillfully Dodges Question About Nick Jonas Dating Rumors

Will we ever know the truth?

Kate Hudson finally addressed those Nick Jonas dating rumors. Well, sort of. 

The actress appeared on "Watch What Happens Live," on Tuesday night, where she was asked by a caller whether the rumors about her and the Jonas brother are true. 

"I don't like addressing any kind of gossip," the actress said before trying to move on to a new topic. Host Andy Cohen tried to keep the conversation on topic, pointing out how annoying it must be to be photographed with a friend only to have those images turn into the next day's news stories. 

“I mean, my agent has been my mystery man maybe 25 times," Hudson added. "You can’t hug someone, talk to someone without it being a thing." (You can watch the whole clip above.)

So, yeah, we'd go ahead and say that's a very cryptic way of denying the rumors. And considering the last time someone asked her about the supposed relationship, she pretty much answered with a "Bye, Felicia!" we think it's safe to say she's done talking about it. 

But for those of you who really wanted this relationship to happen, you can always hope. 

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