Kate Jenkins' Crocheted Foods Are The Most Delicious Crafts You'll See Today (PHOTOS)

Few things warm our hearts like the beautiful sight of a Chow Mein takeout box. Yet Kate Jenkins' wool interpretation of the MSG-filled treat may be an even more welcome sight.

kate jenkins

The talented crochet master has crafted enough food products to feed a small army, only they are far too adorable to eat. From a mustachioed burrito to a sequin-encrusted salmon, Jenkins' crocheted cuisine takes Etsy levels of cuteness and turns it up a notch. Her adorable titles, like "Fishy Spaghknitty" and "Sewshi," only add to their appeal.

And just when we thought we couldn't handle any more cuteness, we perused Jenkins' website, which reads: "Take me to the home of knitted art goodness." Let us join you! Can we invite Olek too?

Feast your eyes on Jenkins' work below and gush with us in the comments.

Kate Jenkins
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