Kate & Leo On Wrinkles, Not Rewatching "Titanic"

"Revolutionary Road" opens today, and Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio loosely (for them, anyway) talked to Matt Lauer to push their first film together since "Titantic."

Introducing the segment, Lauer played a clip from "Titanic," and both actors say they haven't seen the film lately. Winslet said it's been "a very long time."

"It's almost surreal to watch," added Dicaprio.

Asked how they've changed since those days, Winslet said, "We have a lot more wrinkles, don't we darling?"

She then said to her costar, "Physically you aren't that different, you're just less puny."

Hit with the puny comment, Dicaprio said of her changes that Winslet is "still as beautiful and radiant as the day I met her."

Asked about their fame, both professed they wanted to be actors, not be famous.