Kate McKinnon Plays Jeff Sessions On 'SNL' Because She Can Be Literally Anyone

No one in the White House is safe from McKinnon.

Kate McKinnon should pretty much stick around “Saturday Night Live” for as long as President Donald Trump’s administration is in the Oval Office.

While she’s mastered the art of the Kellyanne Conway impression, McKinnon delighted fans during Saturday’s cold open when she stepped into Melissa McCarthy-as-Sean Spicer’s briefing room as Jeff Sessions, Trump’s newly appointed and highly controversial attorney general.

In a southern drawl, Sessions recalls his recent showdown on the Senate floor, saying, “Elizabeth Warren came at me like a porcupine. But then my friend Mitch McConnell swooped in like an alligator, bite her head off.”

Then, Sessions ― who, in real life, was once deemed too racist to be a federal judge ― starts speaking from the heart: “We all know there are two kinds of crimes,” Sessions says. “Regular and black.”

Spicer, sensing the impending controversy, whisks the AG offstage almost immediately.

While McKinnon’s impression may have been cut short, it left fans wondering who else in the White House the actress can play. 

But fans who wanted more McKinnon action quickly got their fix when the “SNL” regular came back on screen as Conway with CNN anchor Jake Tapper in the style of “Fatal Attraction,” then again as Warren in the “Weekend Update” ― all in one episode.

Seriously, is there anyone in D.C. this woman can’t be?

Watch the full sketch below:



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