Kate McKinnon Still Can't Find Her Emmy, But Wishes It Well On Next Adventure

“Come back to me when you feel it’s appropriate.”

One of the most pleasant surprises of Emmy night was Kate McKinnon taking home the Outstanding Supporting Actress award for her gold-star work on “Saturday Night Live.”

Except she never actually took home the Emmy ― most celebs don’t receive the award until much later ― and now she has no idea where it ended up. 

The “Ghostbusters” actress stopped by “The Tonight Show” this week to update host Jimmy Fallon on the whereabouts of her most prized possession, and McKinnon was characteristically chill about letting the Emmy find its way back to her. 

Apparently, the award went home with McKinnon’s team, because the “SNL” star essentially blacked out after her name was called and can’t recollect what happened next. 

“I have no conscious memory of that night,” she explained to Fallon. “I came to many hours later. I was eating spaghetti in a hotel room. Not the first time that it’s happened.”

McKinnon still hasn’t received the award, but she has seen photos of it pop up on social media, including one of the Emmy tucked nicely in a bed and another in the hands of her manager’s son. But she has no hard feelings, because much like the Canadian geese in that movie “Fly Away Home,” her Emmy will return home when she needs it most. 

“Have an adventure,” she told the Emmy. “Come back to me when you feel it’s appropriate.”



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