Kate McKinnon Impersonating Ellen DeGeneres On 'Ellen' Is Priceless

"I'm Ellen!"

If there's one thing we learned Wednesday morning, it's that two Ellen DeGenereses is even funnier than one. 

The talk show host invited comedian and actress Kate McKinnon onto her show and she had everyone seeing double.

"I love her so much. She impersonates me on 'Saturday Night Live.' She's beautiful, she's smart, she's charming, she's hilarious -- she's me, is what she is," DeGeneres said of McKinnon. "She really is hilarious, but it's weird to have somebody do impressions of you because you hear it and you're like, 'Well, that's such an exaggeration. I mean, it's funny, but it doesn't sound like me at all.'"

The next thing we know, McKinnon, dressed exactly like DeGeneres (in her standard uniform of a collared shirt, slacks, a jacket and sneakers), joined the host for the opening monologue. (Note: McKinnon previously appeared on "Ellen" as Ellen in 2013.)

"I'm Ellen. I got this blondie, so step aside," McKinnon said, before going on to deliver the monologue herself. 

As McKinnon, in character, talked about Portia De Rossi, the couple's house and their animals, DeGeneres couldn't help but break into tiny fits of laughter. 

"Hi, y'all. Happy Wednesday. I gotta tell you about something that happened last night up at the house. Portia and I got a puppy and we named it Kid to make it sound like we have a kid. Funnily enough a kid is a baby goat. And I love baby goats! I love 'em! I love baby goats!" McKinnon said in character. "True story: I once went on a ski vacation with a baby goat."

DeGeneres couldn't help but correct her, noting, "That's not a true story."

When McKinnon finished her monologue, DeGeneres asked, "Well, Ellen, do you know what happens now?" 

"Of course I do. I'm Ellen," McKinnon replied. "We dance."

And the two Ellens danced their way through the crowd. 

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