The Trump 'SNL' Season Led Kate McKinnon To Smash A Wall With A Hammer

Specifically, it was a wall in the "Saturday Night Live" office.

This latest season of “Saturday Night Live” had great ratings. This was due in large part to very popular Donald Trump-related sketches, as the country tuned in to see how “SNL” would interpret the president’s various gaffes.

Although the focus on Trump gained the show a large audience, you can imagine this constant focus on such depressing source material would be taxing on a staff tasked to somehow make the subject of Trump seem fun.

With that in mind, Kate McKinnon was on “The Tonight Show” Friday night and explained that after this season, she and her writer friends needed to blow off quite a bit of steam.

A hammer was involved. 

I grabbed the hammer and one of my writer friends was like, "Put a hole in the wall. Put a hole in the wall!" Kate McKinnon

Host Jimmy Fallon and McKinnon ― who famously portrayed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ― talked about how NBC is renovating the “SNL” offices.

“Before we left, the last week we were all blowing off a lot of steam because it’s been like a big season or whatever and we were told the walls are coming down,” said McKinnon. “The whole floor is being demolished.”

McKinnon explained how she was dancing to music with “SNL” writer friends and fellow cast member Aidy Bryant when they realized a hammer was in the room.

“I grabbed the hammer and one of my writer friends was like, ‘Put a hole in the wall. Put a hole in the wall!,’” said McKinnon. “So I did and I put a hole in the wall. And then they all put a hole in the wall.”

But apparently, McKinnon had misinterpreted the plans for renovation and took that “the whole floor is being demolished” too literally.

“Then Aidy came back from the bathroom,” McKinnon continued. “And she was like, ‘Guys, the walls aren’t coming down.’”

McKinnon told Fallon that after the hammer incident, she bought a “big bucket of spackle” and left it in the office. “I sincerely apologize to whoever I made trouble for,” McKinnon said while looking straight at the camera.

After the apology she also jokingly admitted, “But I did feel alive. Wow did I feel young and alive.”