Kate McKinnon And Her Goofy Jeff Sessions Grin Reenact His Senate Hearing

“He’s got this funny, little mouth … like a turtle’s little mouth,” the comedian told Seth Meyers.

Saturday Night Live” has been off-season since May, but that’s not going to stop Kate McKinnon from doing her thing.

The “SNL” cast member who hilariously portrays Jeff Sessions on the show swung by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” after the attorney general’s Senate hearing Tuesday and was bubbling with excitement to give her take on his testimony.

Mostly because Sessions is McKinnon’s favorite political personality to parody.

“There’s a joyfulness with which he proceeds,” McKinnon explained.

Plus, it gave her an excuse to use a weird facial expression she could never use with any of her other characters.

“He’s got this funny little mouth and I could always do this thing with my lip,” she said, contorting her upper lip into an expression that Meyers described as a “Grinch mouth.”

“Well, it comes to a point,” McKinnon said. “Or like a turtle’s little mouth.”

To see McKinnon and her goofy grin take on Sessions’ testimony, watch the video above.

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