Kate McKinnon Relives Bathroom Breakdown Over Jennifer Lopez

The "Saturday Night Live" comedian told Jimmy Fallon about her very awkward stalling with that week's host.

Kate McKinnon apparently needs a little more confidence in the bathroom.

The comedian appeared Thursday on “The Tonight Show” and relived a recent loo encounter with Jennifer Lopez at NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” studio.

McKinnon told host Jimmy Fallon about the cringe-worthy experience, which took place when Lopez was the host.

“I walked in [to the bathroom], and she was there, in the mirror fixing her makeup before dinner,” McKinnon said.

“I went into a stall and sat down and I was like, ’Oh, my God, no, now I have to pee in front of Jennifer Lopez. This is awful.’”

She tried to wait it out and even tried to contact a friend for support, she said, but was abandoned in her time of need.

Listen to McKinnon recount her stall standoff below.