Kate McKinnon's Kellyanne Conway Gets Hot Battling Husband 'George' On 'SNL'

Things get steamy in a hotel room over impeachment.

Marriage battles can be a real turn-on for Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway and husband George (played by Beck Bennett) in a hilarious “Saturday Night Live” sketch in a mock version of the Netflix divorce drama “Marriage Story.”

They’re asked by their couples’ therapist — Scarlett Johansson, who stars in the actual “Marriage Story” — to list what they love about each other. Trump critic George writes of his White House counselor wife: “Works so hard for her boss, even though I hate his guts.”

Their pet names for each other include “loser” and “ghoul” — and they do agree on some things, such as “small government and no food for poors.” They bond over shouting at a homeless person.

And they often manage to negotiate their differences. When Bennett’s George tweets: “Trump is a psychopath,” McKinnon’s Kellyanne responds: “Hi Hon. We’re out of milk.”

But when things get really heated, they get steamy.

Check it out in the video above.

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