Kate McKinnon Talks Making Out With Louis C.K. In 'Details'

What It's Like To 'Bad Kiss' Louis C.K.

When Louis C.K. hosted "Saturday Night Live" in 2012, we all remember such highlights as his open letter to NYC after Hurricane Sandy and how he turned Abe Lincoln into "Louie." But, let's not forget the infamous 10 to 1 sketch in which he made out with then-new cast member Kate McKinnon. Like, REALLY made out.

Nearly a year later, Kate McKinnon opens up to Details about the kiss and reveals what we pretty much already knew to be true -- Louis is really good at terrible kissing.

DETAILS: You made out with Louis C.K. for a sketch when he hosted last year. What was it like?

KATE MCKINNON: If you asked me to seriously kiss someone on a screen, I would be very uncomfortable. But I will lick any part of your face. So what was just supposed to be a little gross turned into a dance of mouths and of hair and of teeth. He's the best bad kisser. There's no one I'd rather bad kiss.

Click over to Details for more from Kate McKinnon, including her first "celebrity" impression, her worst day job while performing with the Upright Citizens Brigade for free, and when the fun really starts at the "SNL" after-parties (spoiler alert: it's when Kate spots the cheese plate).

: The epic make out scene

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