'We Can Do Dis': Kate McKinnon Breaks 4th Wall To Reach Out In Tough Times

The election, the pandemic, the future: Don't worry, McKinnon tells her audience. We got dis.

Kate McKinnon was playing confounding Dr. Wayne Wenowdis on “Saturday Night Live,” supposedly clarifying issues concerning Donald Trump and COVID-19 — then she suddenly wasn’t.

McKinnon, looking a bit like Albert Einstein, started wobbling into the real world as she was talking nonsense, giggling and pretending to take “Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost’s blood pressure with something that sounded like a dog’s squeaky toy.

“Kate, Kate: Are you OK?” asked Jost.

“I’m obviously not,” said McKinnon, turning to the audience, and TV viewers. “I’m sorry, you guys. It’s such a crazy time.”

She then got lost in the ether. “This,” she said, indicating her costume, is “something I started doing to cope. I have a lot of wigs and mustaches at my disposal and it’s a nice way to escape. It’s refreshing to play a character who ‘know dis.’”

McKinnon added: “I mean, who will win the election? We don’t know dis. When will the pandemic end? Dis, we don’t know ... What will happen to the world? We do not know dis.”

McKinnon told Jost: “The one thing that we do know is that — no, we don’t know dis.”

Jost assure McKinnon: “I know it is very stressful ... I know even though it doesn’t seem good, don’t worry, we can figure this out, we can do this.”

“We can do what?” McKinnon asked.

Jost answered: “We can do dis.”

Check it out in the video clip up top.

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