Kate Middleton Channels '70s Halston With New Angled Bangs: Copy The Look (PHOTOS)

...without getting all scissor happy.

Kate Middleton steps out sporting a fresh set of bangs and the world comes to a screeching halt. That is, our world. The royal beauty initially threw us for a loop when she attended a rugby match last weekend with a hint of bang. Debate ensued here at The HuffPost offices on whether it was faux fringe, but our assumptions halted once those face-framing layers took center stage during a visit to London's Natural History Museum on Tuesday.

Has the Duchess of Cambridge convinced you to dial-up your hair salon for the "royal bang blowout"? We know of two hairstylists that are definitely armed and ready with their scissors, blowdryer and hairspray to meet the foreseeable demand.

Ted Gibson, the mane man behind Anne Hathaway, Debra Messing and Ashley Greene's hairstyles, took to his blog to share his excitement about Kate's new 'do:

The princess has gone sexy! I love this angled bang look on her – it’s updated 70s Halston! What is so great about this side swept bang hairstyle is that it requires no commitment, unlike a traditional straight bang which would need to be trimmed often. This layered look works with almost all face shapes and is sexy because it brings so much movement to the hair. The look is fresh, modern, youthful and simply gorgeous.

Meanwhile, George Gonzalez, Oprah's former hairdresser and Chicago's Best Bang Trim stylist, couldn't hold back his secrets on recreating Kate's hairstyle. According to the pro, the key to cutting these bangs is "chipping" into the ends of the hair at an angle with some of the sections skimming the tip of the nose. Scroll down for George's five-step tutorial on how to get this look at home, plus more photos of Kate.

kate middleton bangs hairstyle how to
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1. Apply a leave-in conditioner and use a wide tooth comb to detangle, then add volumizing mousse concentrating on the roots in order to create height.
2. Gather bangs and pin separately as you will style these later. Blowout rest of hair in one to two-inch sections using a large boar bristle round brush paired with a thermal protectant to ensure shine is amplified while protecting strands from heat. Insider tip: Twist hair around the round brush and direct heat from the dryer on it for a few seconds. This will help create that loose, cascading effect.
3. Clip each section after the twisting motion is completed in large pin curls and mist with a light hold hairspray.
4. Moving on to the bangs. Styling fringe is easiest when you start with fresh, damp strands. If they have dried too much, gently mist them with water. Then, take a small round brush and start drying with a cupping action on a high fan setting. As the bangs become drier, start a brushing action on a low fan setting, directing them in the desired angle.
5. Once cool, take down the rest of your hair to reveal soft curls using your hands to style. Set style with a blast of hairspray.

Kate opens Natural History Museum gallery

Kate opens Natural History Museum gallery

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