Kate Middleton Bottomless Photos: Danish Magazine Denies Publishing New Naked Pics (UPDATED)

Did a Danish magazine publish bottomless photos of Kate--or not?

UPDATE: Despite the fact that Danish magazine Se og Hør dismissed reports that it had published bottomless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge as untrue in an interview with CNN, Gawker reported that the new nude photos of Middleton have been published [NSFW photos].

UPDATE 2: Gawker reported Saturday afternoon that it is "unclear is whether Se Og Hor published the more revealing pics over a week ago — and we somehow failed to notice — or if Henningsen is denying that the tabloid published the images at all." It may take a lawsuit to reveal which publication is responsible for publishing the latest nude Middleton pics.

A Danish gossip magazine has denied publishing revealing new nude photos of Kate Middleton, showing the Duchess bottomless while changing her bathing suit.

The Middleton nude photo scandal first flared when the French tabloid Closer published nude photos of Middleton, sunbathing topless on the balcony of a 19th century hunting lodge in southern France, on Sept. 14. The Royal Family promptly sued Closer for publishing the images. The magazine was ordered to cease distribution of the photos in print and online.

On Friday, the nude photo scandal reared its ugly head once more when rumors spread that Danish gossip magazine Se og Hør planned to publish bottomless photos of Middleton, showing her fully exposed.

E! News reported that the bottomless photos of Middleton, taken with a long lens, show Prince William lathering lotion on the Duchess' back and bottom as she pulls down her bikini.

Editor-in-chief of Se og Hør Kim Henningsen dismissed claims that the magazine would publish the bottomless naked photos of Middleton, according to CNN.

When asked about the bottomless photos, a St. James's Palace spokeswoman told CNN: "As we've said, we will not be commenting on potential legal action concerning the alleged intended publication of the photos save to say that all proportionate responses will be kept under review."

Se og Hør did, however, publish a 16-page spread of topless Middleton photos in its Sept. 20 issue. These photos were the same ones published in Closer.

"It's a set of unique photos from an A-class celebrity," he told the Belfast Telegraph. "We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my job to publish them." Adding, "If the British royal family want to sue us, then it will happen then and we'll deal with it."

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