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Kate Middleton, Prince William Ask For Donations To Beatbullying

Earlier this week, royal officials announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton are requesting charitable gifts instead of wedding presents, the Associated Press reports.

In a statement, St. James' Palace said, "They are charities that have a particular resonance with Prince William and Miss Middleton and reflect issues in which the couple have been particularly interested in their lives to date."

On the list: the Army Widows' Association, children's charity ACT, a London zoo project to save Kenya's black rhino -- and Beatbullying, a group that "work[s] intensively with those so deeply affected by bullying that they can barely face going to school that next morning," according to its website.

She had allegedly been 'bullied very badly' before being transferred from Downe House private school, a few miles from her parents' Berkshire home, to Marlborough College in April 1996.

Fellow pupil Jessica Hay said in an interview: 'Apparently she had been bullied very badly at her previous school.

'She certainly looked very thin and pale. She had very little confidence.'

A spokesperson for Beatbullying told the Mail that the organization will ask Kate to become a patron.

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