Kate Middleton Childhood Photos: We Love These Pics Of Kate As A Schoolgirl (PHOTOS)

We all know the Duchess of Cambridge as a glamorous, regal 30-year-old woman.

But back when she was just Kate Middleton, she went through that awkward pre-teen stage just like us. Maybe even with a hint of a unibrow.

Catherine paid a visit on Friday to her preparatory school St. Andrews in Berkshire, where she grew up. (We must add, she was wearing a killer tartan McQueen ensemble.) And as is usually the case with visiting childhood landmarks, the school managed to dredge up some old photos of Kate from her middle school days.

It turns out the duchess was quite the athlete, as she played field hockey, tennis, hockey, swimming, netball and rounders. (Those last two are British field sports.) She's pictured here with her teammates in their skirted uniforms, looking decidedly unglamorous -- but still cute.

Who knew she'd grow up to be a princess?


With the tennis team.
Back row, third from left:

kate middleton

With the rounders team.
Front row, left:

kate middleton childhood

With the hockey team.
Front and center:

kate middleton

Now that we've seen Kate as a kid, here are some precious pics of Kate WITH kids:

The Duchess of Cambridge With Kids

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