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Kate Middleton Bonds With Adorable Children (PHOTOS)

Being a royal means many things: constant attention from paparazzi, lots of outfit changes and very strange wedding presents.

It also means bending over and talking to very small, very adorable children.

Yes, like Kim Jong-Il staring at inanimate objects and Barack Obama making quasi-interested faces at all sorts of boring things, a big part of the Duchess of Cambridge's job is to crouch down and bond with her adoring fans. And she's gotten it down to a tee: even in high heels, Catherine gets down to eye level to receive hugs, kisses and flowers with an appreciative smile on her face, creating for inevitably adorable photo opps each time (and reminding us all what a good mommy she'll make).

So in the spirit of all things adorable (and who doesn't want a dose of adorable on a Sunday morning?) we hereby present a brief history of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, with little kids.

The Duchess of Cambridge With Kids