Kate Middleton Consignment Dress: The Duchess Goes Thrifting, Apparently (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: OMG, Kate Bought This Dress At A THRIFT STORE

BREAKING: The Duchess of Cambridge goes thrifting.

UK magazine Grazia did some sleuthing on that gray coat dress that Catherine wore to the National Portrait Gallery. We knew it was from a label called Jesire, but what we didn't know was that the label is now defunct. So... where did Duchess Kate score the dress?

Apparently, Kate picked up her Jesire frock at a secondhand store. That's right: even duchesses can't resist the lure of a good vintage find.

Grazia reports that Kate got the dress at a store in Berkshire called The Stock Exchange, near the Middletons' home in Bucklebury. Sadly, Her Royal Highness didn't pop into the shop herself: she reportedly sent her assistant on a secret trip:

'She bought the Jesire dress from here - we remember having it in and were really excited when we saw Kate on TV wearing it,' one shop assistant said last week. 'None of the Middletons have ever come into the store though, so Kate must have a secret shopper. Whoever it is, we hope she continues shopping here!'

Of course, the only way to prove 100% that THAT was the dress Kate wore to the art gallery is if Kate announces it herself. There must have been other copies of that dress produced.

But still. STILL.

And, there's more big Kate thrifting news: she reportedly scored that M Missoni frock from her royal girls' day out at a Missoni outlet store. Amazing.

That's right, one lucky charitable lady out there: Kate Middleton is now probably wearing your old dress in front of the entire world.

Everyone else, start going through your closets stat; maybe your discarded frock will soon be gracing some famous royal shoulders.

Check out some more photos of Kate's allegedly second-hand dress below, and click over to Grazia to read more about how she purchased it.

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