Kate Middleton, If You Love William, Don't Let Him Put a Ring on Your Finger!

Royal lovers are all agog that a royal engagement will be announced after a proposal this Christmas. But marrying a British prince isn't a dream -- it's a nightmare!

Brits are certain that second-in-line to the throne, 28-year-old Prince William, will FINALLY pop the question to his girlfriend of eight years, Kate Middleton.

Poor Kate, 28, has already been nicknamed "Waity Katy" by the vicious British press.

Now the former art student, who met the prince when they were both students at the University of St. Andrews, is apparently sitting on pins and needles, waiting for William to make their relationship official -- and the drooling British press are convinced the wedding will take place July 23, 2011.

If the marriage happens it will be a HUGE deal for the Brits because... listen to this... Kate is a COMMONER (i.e. she doesn't have one drop of royal blood in her pretty veins.)

That is a big hooray to many Great Brits who are sick to death of the ancient English class system. But it's a travesty to members of the snobby upper crusty aristo-class who are horrified that a royal isn't choosing a woman from their rich ranks!

Personally, I think William and the royals should be begging Kate to marry into their gene pool. They NEED her non-royal genes to add some genetic diversity and brains into their too-tight family.

It was only because Prince Charles roped in the gorgeous, savvy and warm-hearted Lady Diana Spencer that he ended up with such tall good-lookers as sons. William supposedly has some sensitivity and he can thank his mother Diana for that. Though she came from an aristo-background, she somehow didn't have too many snobbish bones in her body.

Anyway, Kate should run for the hills while she still has a chance. I believe she does love William and that's why she's waited, but she's also no doubt in love with the fairytale that she'll be carried away by her real life prince.