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Kate Middleton Is Really Just As Awkward As The Rest Of Us (Just Look At These GIFs)

Sure, she's got the hair of a mythological Greek goddess, an enviable wardrobe and the most beautiful smile in all of England. (The competition wasn't tough, but still.) But the Duchess of Cambridge, who will always be Kate Middleton to us, is just a small town girl, living in an albeit glamorous world.

Today, as Kate turns 32 years old (!), we're reveling in the rarely-seen moments that reveal how normal she really is. Don't let the hair distract you -- she can get silly and weird with the best of them.

She has those awkward moments when the other person doesn't go in for the handshake.

She sometimes thinks her husband is a huge idiot.

She also thinks her husband's stories are absurd.

She gets unnecessarily competitive over things that really don't matter.

She dances awkwardly.

She gets self-conscious about how tall she is.

She gets pretty dorky whenever "Harry Potter" is introduced into the conversation.

She worries about her hair when she's supposed to be paying attention to more important things.

She's willing to look silly if it involves making kids smile.

She talks with her hands... when she probably doesn't need to.

She submits to ridiculous group activities like the wave.

She gets totally bored at formal events.

But she tries really hard to look interested.

She has those "I'm awesome" moments.

Sometimes she's just, like, totally over it.


Yep, we love this chick:

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