The Duchess Of Cambridge Tops Off A Repeat Coat With A Big Ol' Hat

Big hat, old coat, can't lose.
03/09/2017 10:52am ET

My, my, Duchess of Cambridge, what a large hat you have!

The former Kate Middleton attended the unveiling of an Iraq and Afghanistan war memorial in London Thursday. Though the palace didn’t release outfit details due to the nature of the ceremony, onlookers still identified her coat as a repeat.

JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images
JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

Kate previously wore the Michael Kors coat without a hat for a garden opening in May 2016:

RICHARD POHLE via Getty Images

And before that, she wore it with a fascinator in Australia in 2014:

Pool via Getty Images

Some fans compared the big hat to Audrey Hepburn, but as always, we’re leaning more toward American Girl doll Samantha.

Either way, Kate’s once again proved that you can change up any look with a little ― or in this case, huge ― accessorizing.