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Kate Middleton In The Hospital With Pregnancy Illness As Paparazzi Gather (PHOTOS, LIVE BLOG)

And so it begins.

And so the paparazzi scrum begins.

Kate Middleton, pregnant with her first child, was admitted into King Edward VII Hospital in Central London on Monday for hyperemesis gravidarum, a rare maternity illness with symptoms mirroring extreme morning sickness.

According to Richard Palmer, royal reporter for London's Daily Express, the duchess was at her parents' home in Bucklebury when she fell ill and was driven to the hospital, where Prince William joined her. She is expected to remain at King Edward VII Hospital for several days.

Catherine's illness, hyperemesis gravidarum, means this could be the first of several hospital visits. About 70-80 percent of pregnant women experience some type of morning sickness, but only 1-2 percent suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum. According to, the main difference between morning sickness and hyperemesis gravidarum is that nausea caused by morning sickness usually subsides after 12 weeks; due to her hyperemesis gravidarum, Kate's nausea could continue throughout her entire pregnancy.

Which means fewer chances for "bump watch" than many of us would like: Palmer reports that the duchess has cancelled her next three royal engagements so she can rest up.

But that probably won't stop the paparazzi, who are queued up outside the hospital. The duke and the duchess are already subject to intense media scrutiny and a baby will only invite more. After all, Princess Diana famously described her pregnancy with William thusly: "I felt the whole country was in labor with me." No doubt Catherine will feel the same.

See Clarence House's official statement and check out the liveblog below for constant updates!

Paparazzi Surround The Duchess' Hospital In London

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